Anonymous asked:
Don't you think having sex without kissing is completely anti intimate? I mean, especially if you're in a relationship. Kissing is a huge thing for sex and the connection between the two people or am I mistaken?

I think there are no rules about sex! you do it how you want it and how you love it!

Anonymous asked:
I'm having trouble with self control with food. If there's something yummy I'll want to eat it even though I know it's not good....:( any advice to make myself more in control?

there’s no any bad food.. yes there are healthier foods and there are unhelatrhier. Both can be so yummy you just have to know how many do you have to eat! balance is the key:)) If you want to eat some cookie than put some into your plate and go away from them! But you don’t have to feel that you do some wrong thing if you sometimes eat much than you usually do! Sometimes I eat too much too but that’s okay. It’s depend on our mood or if you a girl in your period you always eat more!! But that’s okay! do some activities, bc it’s healthy, it’s make endorphyn into your body and you will be much confident!:)

comicgrunge asked:
Hello :) I was wondering if you had any tips on gaining more followers? x

well you have to be patient, posts a lot!! :) It’s worked to me!

Anonymous asked:
Hey! I think your posts are beautiful and I just want to say keep it up x

thank you and I am so glad because you like my posts!! I will keep it up!:)

Anonymous asked:
So I've been seeing this boy who is now my boyfriend for almost a year. At first he was so loving and caring and made me feel so special like I was the only person he ever wanted to be with. We got together March 19th and he barely makes any effort with me now. It feels like I'm being used most days. I would honestlydie for his boy because I'm unconditionally in love with him. But it feels like I'm just a second choice to him.He would much prefer to go out with friends than me. What should I do?

the only thing what you can do is to talk with him about that! Tell him your problem and if he loves you he will change in that! But lovely always keep it on your mind: it is NOT your fault!!! you did not do any wrong thing! you are right and you are a lovely person!! :)) on’t start to blame yourself please!

If you want to ask me about something or need some advice now you already can write to me, but after a while I won’t available on the tumblr so write me now if you waaaaant!! :)))) 

joomie asked:
hey i think its really amazing what you do, helping people. keep it up girl <3 you're lovely

I do it because I really enjoy it and I want to help because I know how hard is can be if someone has a disease like eating disorder, depression, or anything like these! :) 
I will keep it up! <3

Anonymous asked:
I've seen a lot of people come to you for advice, so I decided I would try as well >.< I regularly struggle with depression, anxiety, self harm, and suicidal thoughts, and I know that, especially the self harm, bothers my bf (who's over the internet). I just don't know how to stop hurting myself I guess, I've tried, but I always end up caving, even when I try doing something that isn't permanent. Any advice would be very appreciated <3

do you hurt yourself bc of your bf?! Honey.. you can’t do anything wrong why you have to do this with yourself! you can’t deserve it.. everything has a solution so you can solve anything if you really want! Please stop it, because is such a stupid a thing and don’t worth to do it! You have to fight and you can fight with anything, just be strong! I know that you can do!!! I believe in you and you have to believe in yourself!!! Live your happy life and don’t waste it with such stupid things like self harm…  you deserve to be happy in your life because you only have one life! so you have to enjoy it and live it full of happiness, love!! 

kissessity asked:
tumblr buddies?

yes we can be my lovely:) 

looked-my-moon-and-all-my-stars asked:
Love your Blog so much! xx

I am so so glad because you love it!! :))