faintest-glimmer-of-hope asked:
I love you a lot. Keep being super gorgeous and really, really rad.

I love you too and I am glad that you following me!! I can not say thank you enough for that! <3

Anonymous asked:
and also i love your jacket

hihi:)) I love it too:)

Anonymous asked:
i hope you never get anon hate!!

once or twice I get but I don’t care about these things.. :))

Anonymous asked:

I love you! 

Anonymous asked:
but you would also be pretty with blonde hair or striped hair or green hair or no hair at all just sayin

HHAHA!! :) that is so funny in the right way! :) thank you for made me laugh! :)

Anonymous asked:
you are very pretty with your hair like that

thank you I am glad that you like it! :))

for-theloveof-glitter asked:
You are seriously so pretty!!

you are seriously so cute! :) <3


from me
My hairdresser dyed my hair, and she cut a little bit from the bottom of my hair because it was damaged! My hair now a little bit darker and a bit unusual but I had have to do that because there was some highlights in my hair and there was some place on my hair where it was spotty! Now it is become healthier and nicer! :)) 

I wondering that it could be a good idea if I post a singing video! :) what do you think about that? :)


from me