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fake-id-for-you asked:
I lobe your blog and how positive everything on here is :)

I am glad that you love it! :))

glitterintheair-xo asked:
Hello, I love your blog! Do you mind checking mine out please? xoxo

I am glad that you love it! : your blog is a tipical girly blog! :) it is so cute:)

dailydoseofhappydays asked:
You are absolutely gorgeous! <3

thank you my lovely you are awesome!! :)

umyourlame asked:
Hi , I have had so many issues with depression and self harm since last year I can't stay positive it's getting worse and I can't control my life anymore ! What do I do !

you have to decide what you really want!! if you want to be positive you can just try to think positivity! try to take lil steps into positivity! little steps always better than don’t do anything! you have to see the beauty about you because there are lot of beauty around you and I am sure about that! just try to see in another way to the things you have!

Anonymous asked:
hey! I'm sorry to bother you, but I need some help. Don't know how to say this but I feel terrible all the time because of exams I need to do over and I feel like I can't do this and I don't have enough time anymore.. My parents won't let me go out much because they are disappointed that I have to do the exams again and I can't be out after 11 so that's making me sad too. I really want to feel positive all the time but I don't know how! Thank you! xoxo

you have to talk about that with your parents! and I know it is had but try to do not feel bad about that! :)) 

supresse asked:
YOUR BLOG IS PERF!! so much positivity :)

thank youuuu lovely follower! :) i love you xoxo

mentrequimanchi asked:
Come fai a capirmi se non mi conosci,?

I don’t know what I have to understand so if I get the question then tha answer is I don’t know.. :)

yourcloseeyesclearheartletitgo asked:
I think you are a nice girl :) And i like your blog very much :*

tank you my lovely! you are kind and I am glad bc you think this about me:)

makeyourownhistorynow asked:
Hi! I just wanted to say thanks for this blog! You could say I'm a sad person.. But, I'm trying to change my depressive thoughts to happy ones! :D so, thank you very much Xx you're beautiful ❤️

you are trying and this is what really matter! you will be okay if you really want and I am sure about that! just do what you like and love what you do!