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Eat some fruit everyday because it’s so so healthy and really delicious! :)

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from me

It is your life, and every day of your life is your day! Make it good in the way you want! Do what you want, be with who you want, enjoy in the way you want! Do not care about what people think about the things you do. If you want to be crazy than be, if you want to be weird than be, if you want to fall in love than do it! People will judge you and no matter what are you doing! Be strong and live your life how you want because you have only one life, so you can not waste it! Smile as much you can and I wish the best for my every followers! 

becomfortablewithwhoyouare asked:
Hey, I just came across your blog and thought it was great :) positivity all the way! I wish you the best in your recovery and if you ever want to talk to someone, feel free to drop me a message! Also you have a new follower :) I know a few people who have battled and continue to battle eating disorders and I myself have gone through a form of depression while also losing some close friends to it. I'd very much like it if you could check out my blog too. Have a fantastic day you great human!

well going through a disease like this is really hard bc there is no pills or anything.. you have to decide what you want in your head! and that is a really, really hard thing! but if you really want something you can do it I think! :) you have to be strong and keep going no matter what! I hope you are feeling better and smile a lot!:) your blog is so adorable so I started to follow you:)

icecreamandteabags asked:
You're blog is so beautiful! And very inspiring. I love going through your posts, it's like uplifting adventure every time :)

I am happy bc I can make it for you and I hope you are happy !! :) have a lovely day my cutie <3

happy-colourfullife asked:
Yes, I am positive too, but my best friend's blog is so dark and negative, and I can't understand it. So your blog is very cool!! I love it!

well there is no problem if she/he want to do this kind of blog but I think is not good for him/her! positive vibes is more better I think but if she love her/his blog than that’s okay:) thank you my lovely!! <3